This is the time of my life!

I already have a wonderful life in Austria, but the things that happen here in Sweden to me are even better!

This is the first blog of my Erasmus semester in Skövde. I'm in Sweden since the 10th of August and these 2 weeks pushed my life to a new level. The time with the students is so much fun and excitement I never had dreamed of.
Everyday you build up new friendships with a lot of interesting persons. I want to call this atmosphere unique: the candidness and cheerfulness of the people I meet everyday is indescribable!

I go out now to celebrate a Brännboll tournament victory. I will describe details of my adventures later.

for the moment, let the pictures speak for themselves:
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As time goes by in my life, mind, place and style changes.

Now it was time to change my website!

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